A Monsters Flames

It was in the future  
It was in the past
You can see it far away
You can see it right next to you

When someone tries to stop something
They give it there opinion
When  someone tries to provoke something 
They give it there souls of hatred. 

Someone wanted to ruin some one who was already dead
Makes ashes of old in to roaring flames.
Make the dead walk again
To bring life to its end. 

Someone wanted to dress up
To pretend, to act
To be someone that can stop 
or relight the flames
This person was a idiot 

Someone took a name
Made it there own
Said evil things 
To try and put out a fire
It didn't work 

The fire got dimed due to idiots
At least there wasn't blood shed
It still makes my heart pump to thing that I might be near
The Relighter of the flames
The flames that can burn my costume. 



Promise me you will be careful?

Promise on my soul.

I don’t want a single scratch on you so come back in one-piece ok?

I will try to keep a skin untacked but I can’t promise my soul will remain unshattered.

You always say these things, why do you make you worry so?

Worry? I never meant to worry you, I was just telling the truth.

The truth the one thing that will set you free, after it slits your wrists.

That is a dreaded consciences but one that would not come in vain.

It was years latter when he came back with out a scratch on his body.

What took you so long?

I was trying to put the pieces together.

What pieces?

The pieces of my soul.

Did you get them to fit?

Afraid  not, I am sorry my love.

Don’t be you did what you had to do.

Do you love me?

With my whole soul.

Why do you love a shattered man?

Because I love the world, and that is the most shattered thing.

You deserve better.

No I don’t after all I am part of the world and the world is broken.

I guess your right.







2016 and 2015

Happy new years everyone! Sorry this post is a bit late I have been cramming like crazy so forgive me.

Now with 2015 out of the way I kind  of want to just talk about it so with out further a do.

You know I think that everyone in your life has a purpose, that classifieds as teaching you some thing or you teaching them or some times booth.

I think about this a lot as I have a lot of time on my hands and no one to spend it on. I met a girl a few years ago and everything was great in till we had a fall out and then another one. But that’s ok as with out her I most likely would still not know how to handle people my own age. I know that I was a little childish and clingy and at the time of the fallouts mean but now I can use this as new point in my life to hopefully make friends and to in some sense grow up emotionally and socially.

That being said people also have a way of tainting your righting in ways that are both good and bad. but in the end if one person can make you art full of colure and passion in your work then turn it all to gray and its present in you righting. Then I applaud you, shure it may not be personal but it shows you can observe the way people make you fell and put it in your work enough to show that you have a soul. I applaud you if you in fact have that artist soul.

So with that being said I hope 2016 is a year for you to learn and teach, to show your soul in your work. I might not be on as much any more as I as experimenting on a few things including Fan Fiction but don’t worry I will always come back.

What makes a Person?

What makes a person? Is it there personality? Or is it some thing as silly as what they laugh at? Is it the way they hid them selfs ,or show them selfs? Is it what happened in there past and how they deal with it? Or is it how they react to the future?

You should know this you are a doctor, so why don’t you tell me what makes a person. Is it who the put their trust in be it Gods or men?   I have all of these questions resulting man and hear you are standing around. If you don’t tell I guess I will have to find out for my self. But I cant just not involve you in my lets say tests in fact I will have to find others maybe even use my self. So be it! If I have to kill my self I will just to see what make something human! For I see humans but I don’t see humanity, no I see empty shells of what could be filled with energy and power! It sickens me.

Would people change if there world was falling apart? Would they band together or fall apart? Would such deferent people be able to get along? What is truly in some ones soul? If someone’s soul is powerful would it be able to transcend death or would it follow the boring rules of this world?

I guess its foolish of me to be asking you two these things, acting like your still around. But don’t worry we will be together soon, you just have to trust me can you do that? Is it too hard to ask or maybe not? I still don’t know why I have all these questions yet the only people I want answers from are cold soulless corpses.


Christmas Fail

Snow slowly falling, lights shining all around. How is it that this whole world has the Christmas sprit besides me? I tried and tried to get the sprit but nothing. I did holyday cooking but all the cookies ended up burnt. Then I tried caroling but lets just say that all the residents in the next five miles where not home. After that failed attempt I decided to decorate my house, I got my Christmas tree to set fire! Set fire how the F*** dose some one burn a Christmas tree? Well I still had one thing that I could do, buy Christmas gifts. But by the time I got to the store I noticed that I left my wallet at  home. After a big speeding ticket later to get my wallet the said wallet was out of funds.

I am afraid that if I try to set up outdoor Christmas lights my house will just catch fire. So you know what I am going to do what any normal person would do at this point. Drink hot chocolate eat cheap store bought cookies and watch Netflix.

Hope you enjoy this little holyday short! Hope you have a Merry Christmas

Some Random Writing

There are some people that are pushed in to darkness by other people. Then you have the ones that push them self’s in.

There are some people that give light to other people, so that they can find there way.   But there are also people that use up all the light for them self’s and let others stumble.

Some people when pushed are broken and others when pushed rise above to do great things.

But what dose it matter? We all die at some point. Whether I kill you right now or let you live, you will die. So what’s the point of living because we all die? Why not end it quickly not knowing of the hardships of this world?

I bet you are thinking right know “Why is she showing weakness? I should use this to my advantage.”

You looked at her Amy Hensworth, the one girl you all ways wanted to kill. But even though you had a gun in your hand you couldn’t shoot. She was broken and used and pushed by the one she called father. The speech she just gave was her indirectly telling you all of that.

You wanted to just go home return to your normal life. Never have you wanted to kill some one and definitely not a little girl for that matter! But then why where you killing people so many people with out a second thought?

That’s what she wanted for you to think about you life choices up to this point. “People are much easier to kill when in thought.” You heard the bang of the gun and then every thing went blank.

Even though you couldn’t see you herd her ice cold voice. “This Corruption is so twisted I don’t even know what to call it any more.”

So this is just some part of what I am working on called Twisted Corruption. I will be posting more of this kind of think as I still don’t know where this is going. But I hope you enjoyed!

Twin 2

Now that I think about it. When ever I saw Josh no my twin he was all ways so childish. I remember on time.

” Say sis, what would you do if you knew what your soulmates first words to you would be?” ” I dont know beside even if I have a soulmate dosent mean we where are suppose together.”
” Do you maybe want to go some where? It dose get lonely with just the two of us in this big place.” “Why should we go any where you never even explaned any thing to me!”
” Thays becuse if you find out yoh wont need me any more and then we cant have a sibling relationship.” ” Thats the worst reason ever you moron!” ” See we all ready had a sibling fight and we just met!” ” Shut up! Where did yoh want to go?” ” I was thinking you would like to go to town and see the pretty landscape? And feel the nice peace full pace of the town?” ” What ever just be quite, you are giving me a head ache!”

Now that I think about it I wish i was nicer to him. For once you inaccents is gone you can never get it back, and I think he learned thag the hard way.

Party Song!

I’m stand hear and I’m dancing alone
No need to stop for I’m not coming home.
The party’s my life and its my soul
Its time to go crazy!

Raise your hands in the air!
Move your hips like you jus don’t care!
Because the part’s my life
And I do what I want to!

I’m in my car and I’m driving away.
No need to worry cus I will come again
To the party that’s my life and soul.
Its time to go crazy.

Going the path that will lead me astray
I am not worrying about my job  today
I don’t need no cash to party
The party’s my life and my soul and it don’t need no money.

The Twin

Have I ever told you that  I had a twin? I like to forget about him at all cost, for even if we look a like we are complete opposites.

I first met him when I was 16 and for my “Sweet gift” my parents they did some thing to me. It wasn’t obvious at first but he my twin pointed it out when we first met.

“Say are you doing all right? You look a little pale.” “What do you mean! and who are you and better yet how did you get inside my room?”

“This isn’t your room. Are you positive your all right? Don’t have any head aches or any thing?” “I am fine 100% fine.”

“I don’t believe you no one is 100% fine when they first leave there.” “What are you talking about?” I then felt a pain in my head then my body went num. “Told you,” He flashed a smirk, “So how dose it feel?

“I rather be dead.” His faced looked solemn and his voice pierced with sadness. ” Well then I have some good news for you.” “What! You mean I’m dead! Like dead, dead like Heaven and Hell dead!  “That would be the one,” his face fill with a smirk once more, Got ya I was waiting to use that line. Sorry about that but you are not dead in fact you are 99.9% alive!” “What about the other 1.1%?” “Oh you know that birth day present you got? Well Suprise its me and some dark secrets!” “Ok but why are you so important?” “Well I am your five second older big brother!” Flustered at his comment   I spoke “There are at least seventeen way this could of goon better. Literally. Like I’m counting them right now, you moron!” “What you mean drugging people and then explaining that there life are going to change forever is then coming out as there long lost twin was a bad idea?”


Ok so I don’t really know if I  am going to continue this or where I am going with this. But I wanted to write and I just cam up with this!


Isn’t It funny?

I Think it funny that I forget words when I speak. Yet I make a perfect poem when I write. I cant read the atmosphere yet I can describe on in my works. I don’t have any real friends yet  my carters have lasting relation ships. I cant fix some of my problems yet my charters have solution to ever thing. I like to delay writing because I don’t want to give my life to much hope. I think its funny how much of a hypocrite I am. I write what I think is my best work only to read it a month later and think of it as crap. I lost my insistence a long time a go for now I am all grown up.